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Our mission is to inspire authentic and positive connections to the natural world around us and to one another. We accomplish this as an active lifestyle hotel, waking each day with a fierce love of life.

Days start early here. We have rituals…

In cooler months the fire is lit, in Summer the doors are opened and we take a little time to begin the day with a calm mindfulness.

Starting each day with a little quiet gives us the chance to approach each day feeling fresh and revitalised.

We focus on making each and every day positive, through good nutrition, a little exercise, peace, calm and happiness.

We’re all about increasing our yearning to appreciate the outdoors, helping others around us live life well and getting back a little time each day to be the best possible version of ourselves.

Spend a little time with us, experience our world – one that is rooted in a love for fresh sea air, living a life calmly but with edge, verve and ultimately happiness.

So, if you would like to live each day as we do, simply drop me a line ( and ask for a little more information on how we spend our days here and how you could benefit…



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