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We’ve teamed up with the outdoor industry trailblazers Primal Roots to deliver retreats in White Cliffs country, using outdoor fitness to empower participants with a sense of joy and wonder at the force of nature.


These unique retreats are as suited to friends and couples as they are to teams and companies. They are rooted in physical and mental health. But most of all, adventure!

We welcome all who want to push themselves to be the best they can be. Not only do our retreats provide the benefit of improved health and wellbeing, they also serve to boost a collective sense of community because part of the experience is led by people who’ve turned their lives around, (from addiction and/or homelessness, for example) through outdoor fitness. Now they’re leaders in their own right, absolutely set on inspiring as many people as they can.

Day and/or half day retreats will be available as soon as the latest UK Government Covid-19 full national lockdown ends. From £80 per person.

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