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Load up your kit and get out amongst it at St. Margaret’s Bay. In close, the wave-cut platform off Ness Point at St. Margaret’s Bay kicks up a very respectable surf in the right conditions (look out for a big swell and a North-Westerly). It’s been a secret spot for local surfers, kayakers and canoeists for some time, ask Gavin (your host and keen watersports enthusiast) for priceless local knowledge.


For those who like ‘big air’ St. Margaret’s Bay offers a challenging spot from which to launch. With a big South-Westerly, this beach is hard to beat along the whole of the South Coast. Windsurfers regard this beach as a challenging spot, but with the back drop of the White Cliffs it makes for an unforgettable venue.

And when it’s calm and balmy, it’s a perfect place for paddleboarding with a magnificent backdrop of the white cliffs.

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